Services provided

Probably your first experience of corporal discipline as a positive reinforcement.

A chance to set realistic goals, and get the discipline you crave when you succeed.

A safe and understanding environment to discuss your needs and have them met without being shamed or made to feel like you’ve failed.

Specifically, I would love to engage with you in any of the following:

  • OTK Hand Spanking
  • Discipline with implements (paddles, belt, cane, brush, pretty much anything you feel you need)
  • Cornertime
  • Scolding (note: aside from traditional scolding, this can be in the form of reminding you what you need to do, rather than berating you for any failings)
  • Face Slapping
  • Mouth Soaping
  • Role play traditional disciplinary or positive reinforcement. Prior discussion and approval is required for role play. I will not wear anything provided by you but will do my best to wear something appropriate to the role play.


I hand spank, paddle, cane, use a hair brush, strap, belts, and an assortment of other implements to help realign your priorities. This is not an exhaustive list of implements. I can cater the session to best help you reach your goals.


Although I do not judge kinks or fetishes, sessions with me are strictly disciplinary and will NOT include the following:

  • Switching with me. I only top during sessions and you will not be the exception.
  • Sexual services (including hand or foot jobs and “supervised release”). You will not grind your genitals on me whatsoever.
  • Anal training/play
  • Diaper changing or wearing/bathing/ cleaning off excrement or urine from your body
  • Restraints (I don’t have them because I don’t use them)
  • Nudity on my end
  • Face sitting
  • Any blood-related or medical play or needles/knife play
  • Toilet training/diapers
  • Anything that deals with animals or children
  • Enemas or strap-on, pegging etc
  • Bondage
  • Tease & Denial
  • CBT
  • Spitting
  • Humiliation/degradation