Role Play Experiences

Find Your Perfect Role Play Experience

Experience exclusive role play sessions curated specifically for your spanking desires.

The Wife Experience: Indulge your FLR desires with me as we live out your submissive husband/wife desires. You give me an idea of what you are looking to achieve, and I will give you honey-do lists, nag you for not completing your chores or shirking your responsibilities (or for other agreed upon reasons), and take matters into my own hands when you aren’t listening or holding up your end of the deal in our “marriage”. You will never forget who wears the pants in our household when I’m finished with you. We can also cater this scenario to include real life husband/wife failings or other domestic shortcomings. 

Great for over the knee spanking, belting, paddling, caning, and servitude tasks.

The Mother/Aunt Experience: Harness your inner child for this session. As your motherly figure I will (with your scenario input) delve into your juvenile delinquency, teenage rebellion, educational failures, or your other childishly careless actions and show you the error of your ways. I won’t put up with your attitude or actions any longer and I will show you that I mean business.

Perfect for the client who needs scolding, embarrassment, otk spanking, paddling, belting, caning, line writing, and corner time.

The Educator Experience: We’re back to the books with this role play session. As your teacher, principal, headmistress, or school administrator I will take matters into my own hands to address your behavior. You will be introduced to corporal punishment as you are shown how incidents are handled at this school. Whether it stems from a real life experience or just an educational punishment fantasy that you want to finally see realized, the time has come to face the music. If you didn’t do your homework, were cutting up in class, cheating on a test, absent or skipping class, I can help you understand the importance of your education. You will be on your best behavior after our session.

Great for paddling, strapping, caning, otk spanking, embarrassment, scolding, corner time, or writing lines. Requires input from the client.

The Nosy Neighbor/Best Friend’s Mother: Were you involved in a scheme with a neighborhood kid who took all the blame? Did your best friend cover for you or wasn’t believed by his mother about who was the culprit for your childhood antics? Well as your neighborhood mom or best friend’s mother, everyone gets punished!

Great scenario role play with your personal input. All sorts of correction can stem from this scenario.