Are your sessions sexual in nature? Is it cheating?

No, my sessions are not sexual nor erotic.  While I do touch bare bottoms, it is not sexual nor intended to arouse.  Any improper attempted sexual activity will cause the session to cease IMMEDIATELY.  Refer to the services page and make sure you read the “Don’ts.”

Please click on the link from Someone’s Gonna Get It blog and read the Dear Ms. Marwood column.  Her views and mine are identical on what happens during a session.

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What’s your tribute for a session?

I offer sessions with a 1 hour minimum and several packages for those needing regular adjustments.  Please email for a list of services and tribute required.  This is a luxury service and my pricing is non negotiable.  If you cannot afford a session with me that is your financial issue, not mine.  Deposits are required for all appointments and must be paid via Google Pay, I don’t use Paypal or gift cards.  I will not send you an address to mail anything to and I won’t just “trust you”.  NO DEPOSIT, NO APPOINTMENT.  DUE TO TRAVEL COSTS, ALL OUT OF TOWN APPOINTMENTS REQUIRE FULL PREPAYMENT.

Do you offer Skype sessions?

Yes, I do offer therapeutic sessions through Skype which are included in the list of services.

Do you require a down payment?

Yes, due to blocking off time for your session, I require a non refundable down payment for half of the tribute with the remainder due at the beginning of the session.  Cancellations forfeit the deposit.


Do you discipline men, women, and trans-gendered?

Yes, absolutely! I discipline men and women and have no preference for either sex nor do I care about one’s sexuality or gender identity. Everyone is welcome.  I offer couples therapeutic sessions as well for an additional tribute.

Do you accept gifts?

Yes, I do accept gifts but it will not lead to any special treatment during your session.  Implements are always great, I love leather such as tawses, belts, straps, floggers etc.  Here is a link to my Amazon Wish List: http://a.co/g0uHL0P 

What should I call you?

You may call me Miss Rachel, Miss, or Ma’am.


Do you travel outside of the Austin, TX area?

Yes, I will travel with additional tribute for travel expenses and time.  Email for additional information.

Do you accept Credit Card payment?

I accept credit cards and the billing is listed as a marketing company for your protection.  Remaining balances are to be paid in cash at the beginning of the session unless other arrangements have been made prior to the start of the session.

Do you discuss my session with others?

Absolutely not! Your privacy is top priority for me and I will not discuss your session with anyone.

Do you have a dungeon or play space?

No.  At this time (2018) my service is out call only and unless I am on a scheduled visit in another city (dates and locations tab), you must provide the space.  I have never had a noise issue or complaint from any of the venues I have visited.

Can you make me cry?

I frequently get the request to make a client cry.  While I have had several clients that have cried and even wept, crying is an emotional response that must come from the individual.  I cannot force that and I don’t try to.  Please understand that while I can provide the pain you seek, the crying is all in your hands.

How should I prepare for a session?

I expect clients to be well groomed and bathed, with special attention given to cleansing the rear end.  When you think you have sufficiently cleaned the area, go back and do it again.  I cannot stress how important a clean, odorless bottom is necessary for me to do my work.  If you have an overwhelming hygienic odor, I will end the session without refund.  If you have issues defecating in your pants and not realizing it, please seek medical attention and do not book a session with me.

Will you touch my genitals  as part of my punishment?

Absolutely not.  I will not touch you there and will end the session immediately if you ask me to do anything with your genitalia.  Please note that my don’ts on the services page clearly states what will not be tolerated.  This is not for legal purposes only.  I WILL NOT DO ANYTHING SEXUAL.  DO NOT ASK.

Can I tell you how I want to be punished and how I would like you to respond?

I will take input prior to the session regarding role play or issues to be addressed during your punishment.  Hard limits, forbidden implements, and safe words can be discussed as well.  As far as telling me what I am supposed to do or feel, that is not up to you.  If you would like to have a fantasy where you describe down to the “T” what you would like to have said and done, find someone else.  I punish according to what we have discussed and will not be told how to act during a session.