I have been spanked by several professional disciplinarians, including  Miss Rachel on numerous occasions. I don’t have a bad word to say about any of them but Miss Rachel is at the top of a short but impressive list.

Not only is she technically talented (do NOT underestimate those petite hands!), but she provides an incredibly nurturing and safe space to play in. She can be strict teacher, angry principal, stern aunt, frustrated boss. She’s done all these with me and is amazing at the nuances, you will be drawn into any role play with her and believe in everything you’re doing.

I also strongly recommend her general approach, the positivity of it. I don’t know how she can make me squirm and yelp while at the same time make me feel like the most loved, appreciated, worthwhile person on the planet. She may embarrass you (corner time, scolding etc) but she won’t ever humiliate you or make you feel like a lesser person, always the total opposite.

Whether you’re new to being spanked or a seasoned pro, I strongly recommend Miss Rachel services. Since meeting her, I’ve not gone anywhere else and won’t be needing to because she really is the best.

~C.C., Austin, TX

Miss Rachel,

Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!  Today was better than I ever dreamed. You made me so comfortable and for the first time I could display that part of me, it was amazing. The spanking is on repeat in my head, I can’t wait to see you again!

~M.C., Houston, TX


~J.E., Austin, TX

I’ve considered myself a lifelong spanko who nonetheless didn’t consider seeing a professional until my late 20’s. Therefore I was rather nervous and had little idea of what to expect aside from some online research when I (somewhat impulsively) called up Miss Rachel to set up my first ever spanking session. I was in a pretty rough spot in my life and needed some caring but firm external guidance to get me on track, so my hope was that she would be the right person to set me straight.

Boy, was she ever.

Before the session we sat down and discussed the lifestyle changes that I wanted to make as she listened in a calm, friendly, but determined manner. When the session started she warmed me up with her hand (don’t underestimate how powerful it is, y’all) and scolded me for not being my own expectations. Despite the firmness and determination she showed in telling me that my current behavior wasn’t acceptable, her scolding wasn’t humiliating in any sense and only increased my desire to put in the work to improve my life.

After the warm up, she then laid me on the bed and used various implements from her impressive arsenal to drive her points home on what she expected from me. What was impressive to me was that despite my novice status and me not really knowing my limits yet, she seemingly knew just how much pain I could take to get her message across without pushing me too far. I left the session a chastened but determined man with a brand new plan on how to hold myself accountable both to myself and to her (And a very red butt that my spanko self very much enjoyed afterwards).

We have continued to meet since then and although my personal progress did have some stops and starts, she always drove me further towards building my confidence and meeting my personal goals. A year later I feel much more confident, organized, and happy with the improvements I’ve made in my own life, and I feel confident in saying I couldn’t have done it without her friendly but firm guidance in holding me accountable for my actions.

Miss Rachel is an amazing person who combines intelligence, competence, a real passion for her job, and a genuine desire to improve the lives of her clients however she can, so long as their own desire to improve is real. She can also be hilarious, down to earth, and fun to talk to (depending on the tone of your session of course).

As a spanko herself she totally understands the mindset of somebody who may be attracted to receiving regular spankings and accountability but wants to use that as a motivator for self improvement rather than anything sexual. Her philosophy of positive reinforcement through punishment is unique and quite empowering and provides a wonderful catharsis and stress release. She’s also extremely versatile and can provide anything from loving but strict accountability to a low stress, conversational spanking to straight up raining hellfire on your poor rear end as she tells you that the spanking is just getting started right as you begin to beg for mercy. I’m still a relative novice on the scene, but I feel confident in saying she’s a natural at her job.

Above all Miss Rachel’s intelligence and compassion really shine through in every session, no matter the context.  She makes note of how her clients react to certain implements and adjusts her sessions accordingly, she quietly monitors your reactions to determine how much you can take, her observant and caring nature gives her the ability to get right inside your head and scold/punish you accordingly, and if you really need a harsh and severe punishment for catharsis, motivation, what have you — trust me, she’s more than capable of that too. Just try taking some of her cricket bat-sized paddle if you doubt her ability to inflict some serious damage. But no matter how painful it gets or how strict she can be–just trust me when I say she can give you a look that will make your blood run cold and evaporate any thoughts of defiance you might have in a microsecond–she’ll always give you necessary aftercare and remind you that this is done out of a real desire to make you a better person. I have to echo the other reviews that say that despite her being a professional, I have absolutely felt safe being emotionally vulnerable and trusting her completely.

I don’t think I could’ve picked a better person to begin my discipline and spanking journey with.

~O.K.S., Austin, TX

I just wanted to thank you again for the experience you were able to provide me. My bottom is still sore, especially whenever I go to sit down. The punishment has definitely made it easier for me to focus on what I need to do in those areas of my life that we discussed. It also seems like the spanking had some sort of therapeutic effect. I mean, I expected to feel some of the weight of the guilt I was carrying to be lifted, and it was. But I have also just been in a much better mood in general since Sunday. I didn’t expect a spanking to have that sort of long term effect on my mood….

I know I essentially hired you to provide a service, but I don’t think I’ve ever felt so safe while being so vulnerable with someone I had just barely met. I felt like there was a lot of trust cultivated Sunday afternoon. I guess even though I elected to have the ‘One time strict punishment’ as opposed to your lifestyle coaching approach I’ve still kind of come to see you as a mentor or guide of sorts; My disciplinarian. You truly are great at what you do Miss Rachel, and I really appreciate that. I am absolutely sure I will be back over your lap at some point when I know I need it.

~C.T. Austin, TX

I recently had the pleasure of going over Miss. Rachel’s lap and I highly recommend her services.  I am a female new to being active on the scene and I had have always had the desire to be spanked.  I had thought about going through spanking parties and just randomly meeting people online for this.  In the end I felt I wasn’t ready for the party scene and meeting a random online person with no background information just wasn’t a safe idea.  I happily came across Ms. Rachel’s page and liked her thoughts on spanking and the emotional need for it that some of us have.  I was nervous but I took the plunge and met with her, and let me tell you I am so glad I did.  It was everything I wanted in a session,  she was kind but firm and listened to what I was looking for in a session.  I was really nervous but she put me at ease very quickly.  She gave me a fantastic warm up with her hand and had a variety of implements to try on me.  I had lasting effects for days and it was wonderful.  If you are curious about being spanked I encourage you to book an appointment.  You will not regret it.

~J.L. Austin, TX

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Miss Rachel for the first time and the experience far exceeded expectations. Having visited many Professional Disciplinarians over the years, Miss Rachel was a pleasant change as she invested the time (through e-mail and phone calls) to understand my spanking needs and to incorporate them into our session. This helped fuel an amazing session.

As elegant as she is beautiful, Miss Rachel quickly put me at ease and provided a session that was both a great emotional release as well as all of the physical sensations of a very painful spanking. She is very skilled with role play and her passion in doing so had me convinced that I was once again over my Aunt’s knee again, learning a painful lesson. Miss Rachel clearly understands all of the associated dynamics of a spanking and pays attention in doing so.

I am looking forward to many future sessions with Miss Rachel and to experiencing her unique approach and discipline. She is a must visit if you are a pure spanko like me!

~Mike- Arizona

I’m a mature male.
I have had a weakness for pornography since adolescence, but it did not become a problem till early 2017. I was spending more and more time on it. It was so easy to say, “Just one more video or page of pictures of chapter of a book.” Then I would again want one more, until I had wasted over an hour. I had repeatedly tried will power, but could not break the habit. My performance at work and my housekeeping at home were suffering.
I had responded well to spanking in the past. I went to a very good counselor. She said it would be unethical for her to spank me. She said that if I wanted a spanking, I should ask a personal friend. I did not have a personal friend with whom I would be comfortable confessing pornography and asking for a spanking. The counselor offered some insights, but not much in the way of practical methods to break the bad habit.
In summer of 2017 I looked for “spanking disciplinarians” on Google and Bing. I found this website. I was impressed that Miss Rachel has formal education in mental health and therapy, a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice, and a Masters degree in Social Work. She introduced her website with “I offer life coaching with a spanko twist.” The website was professional and dignified. Her pictures showed her dressed attractively and professionally: no black leather and no whips.
I emailed her and made an appointment. She met me in the lobby of the hotel where I was staying. She was quite pretty, wearing a tasteful pastel dress. We went to my room. Miss Rachel assured me she follows the same confidentiality ethics as other counselors. We sat down, and I explained my problem with pornography, and how it was wasting so much of my time. She said that there is nothing immoral about pornography, but that if it was interfering with other important activities, then that was indeed a problem. We talked about ways to limit the time spent on pornography. I suggested that I might limit pornography to time I was already doing another task, like preparing food, folding clothes, or shaving. She agreed that would be a good idea. She said that spanking would be a good reinforcement to help me stick with that resolution.
After we had talked about 15 minutes, and I had told her what I thought I needed to tell her. I asked, “Is it time for me to undress and get ready for the spanking?” She said simply, “Yes.”
She sat on the bed and directed me to lie down on the bed over her lap. As soon as I was in position, she started spanking. She used only her hand, but that was quite effective. She landed each spank solidly, and made it really sting.
She would spank for a few minutes, and then pause and ask me how I planned to control my bad habit. I would repeat that I planned to use pornography only when doing something else. She would agree that this would be a good idea, and then she would resume spanking.
At first I tried to count the spanks, but I could not keep it up. The spanks stung so much that it took all my presence of mind just to hold still and stay in position. After what I think wad approximately 250 spanks, she asked me again about my plans to control the habit. I told her again. She said, “That’s good. I’m going to give you 50 more.” Those last 50 were slow, deliberate, and forceful.
Of course the spanking was embarrassing, but not humiliating. Miss Rachel never tried to humiliate me in any way, never told me I was bad. Her approach was that I was a good person, that I was capable of behaving better, and that she would try to help me behave better.
When she had finished, she told me to look at myself in the mirror. My entire bottom was bright pink.
As I got dressed, she told me to feel free to contact her if I relapsed, or if I thought I needed a maintenance spanking to keep me in line.
I walked her out to her car. I thanked her for helping me. She hugged me and wished me well.
The spanking left a strong mental impression, but no physical damage. The pain was gone in less than an hour, leaving me with only a hot prickly feeling the rest of the day. There were no bruises or soreness. The skin redness took 3 days to completely fade.
Since my session with Miss Rachel, my behavior has definitely improved. The effect has lasted over a year now. I have not eliminated pornography completely. That would have been an unrealistic expectation. But it is taking only 10 to 20% as much of my time as it did before my session with Miss Rachel. Why do I think it worked?
1. I don’t want to repeat the embarrassment of confessing wasting time on pornography.
2. I don’t want to repeat the embarrassment lying down with my bare behind sticking up to be punished.
3. I don’t want to repeat the sheer physical pain of the spanking.
4. Most importantly, after Miss Rachel put all that effort into me, I owe it to her to put my effort into doing my best to behave. For me to do any less would be to disrespect her. If I relapse and have to go back to her, I want to be able to say honestly that I tried the best I could.

I was truly impressed with Miss Rachel, and would recommend her highly. She is not just another professional spanker. She is a trained professional counselor who uses spanking as one of the methods to help her clients.

So of you are feeling guilty about something you did, or trying to control a bad habit, and you have already tried the will power and the self-help books, I would recommend you contact Miss Rachel.