Travel Schedule

I am based in Austin, TX and work primarily from there. Below are the dates that I am traveling if you wish to book an appointment when I am outside of the Austin area.
All travel dates require full prepayment, this includes parties
For all appointments please email me at for availability. 
Fully vaccinated (Pfizer) against covid-19 as of April 20, 2021 Booster received October 26, 2021


Washington, DC area

January 26-28

West Palm Beach, FL

February 2-4

Austin, TX Double sessions with Miss Mary available

March 11-12

Las Vegas, NV  Double sessions with Miss Mary available

March 14-16

Dallas, TX BU Party

April 14-15

Atlanta, GA

April 26-27

Dallas, TX TASSP

June 8-11

Dallas, TX BU BTS Party

August 17-19, 2023

Houston, TX LSSP

November 9-12

Dallas, TX BU Xmas Party

December 8-9


Additional TX party dates TBD